SW Notes

Layering 101 with Shawn

We know that layering necklaces isn’t always as easy as knowing whether your shoes go with your dress (which is sometimes not easy at all!). With our three simple steps, you’ll be able to pull off layered looks that appear effortless. You’ll also make the most of your jewelry by wearing many of your favorite styles all at once.


The first necklace you put on should be the smallest and sit highest up on the neck. Highlight your collarbone with a shimmering gemstone necklace like our Orin Mini Triangle Necklace.


Go for a “graduated effect” with subsequent necklaces and pair your delicate, short ones with chunkier, longer ones. The different lengths and sizes draw the eye downwards to give all the necklaces the attention they deserve. We balanced out the length of our Orin Mini Triangle Necklace with the Fiona Slice Lariat Necklace. As the final touch, we added our Feather Charm Necklace to keep everything from looking too symmetrical.


Don’t think you have to stick to wearing only one style. Pairing modern (our Orin Mini Triangle and Fiona Slice Lariat Necklaces) with organic (our Feather Charm Necklace) makes an unexpected combination that works. Whether it’s modern with organic, feminine with edgy, or chunky with delicate, non-traditional combinations can really pop! You’ll start seeing your jewelry in a whole new light.