SW Notes

The Art of Minimalist And Maximalist Layering

By Sri Rain Stewart

Fine jewelry is timeless–our most cherished everyday wear. You can transform your look with just a simple swap of a piece. Or sometimes, stack or layer to draw focus without overpowering. The key is to find that balance. Here, we show you our latest pieces that allow you to stack or wear alone. We styled jewelry according to your style profile: minimalist, maximalist, or the perfect blend depending on your mood. When you feel bored of your wardrobe, here’s your reminder that jewelry can be the solution. 

If You’re a Minimalist…

Our Small Link Chain Necklace is understated. The slightly larger than average chain links gives it a modern edge. Then layer it with our Circle Link Chain Necklace, which subtly stands out thanks to the thicker mixed chain links. Add another Small Link Chain for a little extra gold and style them with a white poplin shirt, classic blue denim, and sneakers–now you’re set for a casual brunch. 


Embrace a Pop of Color

For the minimalist who loves to indulge in neutral palettes, our Orin Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace will add a colorful celestial vibe. Not to mention, it works as a good segway to talk about moon signs. Green rhodium and diamonds complement the Small Link Chain Necklace in sleek white gold. 

Go Bold
Straddling between the true minimalist and a maximalist is this bold look that also features our limited edition pieces. A combination of the Myer Circle Pendant Necklace and Fede Oval Link Lariat Necklace makes a major impact thanks to the diamonds and pearls. Diamonds truly are your best friend.


If You’re a Maximalist…

Let your charm show besides through your personality. The Aria Eye And Moon Medallion Necklace is bound to start conversation. Pair it with the Portia Multi Charm Necklace for some color, like our version featuring rubies, diamonds, and pearls. 

Try the Perfect Blend

Maybe you want charms but not too many. Our Signature Multi Charm Necklace offers the perfect balance. Then layer with one or more of the Chicklet Chain Necklaces. Lapis and mother of pearl complete the look for an unexpected blend of gems. Some days you just want to play around with your look–this is an easy start.